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A guy caused traffic online with his surprise. Check what was given to the lady.

It is so surprising that in today's modern technological world, a primary school student know how to use mobile phone and it's accessories.

Unlike the olden days where one has to walk for almost two, three or four kilometers before he or she can shared information with other friends and family members.

In today's generation, technology has made it possible to call, chat and send information to our friends and family members within the country and outside the country in a comfortable manner without any challenges.

Some of these technology has made it life simple. A lot of social media platforms has been introduced into the system, some of which are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many others.

In the olden days things was very difficult to be in boy - girl - friend relationship at the earliest age ( teenage ). Before one could get married in those days it was the duty of a father to marry for his son.

But unlike today, things have changed making it possible to all young boys and girls to make love without noticing their parents.

The above mentioned relationship is best sustain through the exchange of gift and surprises. In most cases these are done during festivitival occasions such Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Valentine's day and New year.

A picture posted on Facebook today which has caught stir online has to do with who was given a surprise to her girlfriend. In the picture the lady who was very excited to receive the surprise close her eyes romantically, stretch out her left ring finger towards the guy thinking she was going to be given a promise ring but later she realized it was a fried fish.

This has got more Facebook users to talk about both the attitude of the guy and also the girl.

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