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Woman, are you an investor or a Shareholder in your Love Relationship?(Opinion)


Folks, whenever I look back on my own marriage life, each time I set my eyes upon people in love, I have this funny feeling that marriage is no different from business:

We come into a business agreement with multiple purposes. If we are business associates or shareholders, all of us prepare to enjoy the profits or endure the losses together.

In a different development, if you are just an investor, you care only about your interest in the business. Love Relationship or matrimonial relationship displays very strange similarities to business deals. Let me put it this way:

A woman who walks into a lifetime relationship with a man, for better and for worse, who works extra hard and smart for stability and upward mobility by bringing her contribution on a day to day basis, is like a Shareholder in the business of love and wedlock. Such a lady needs to be commended.

On the other hand , if the woman is just focused on what to gain from the relationship, then she is out for interest nothing but interest I mean she is not here to help but to harm and finish you financially.

On the evidence of the above analysis, it's no exaggeration to insist that a woman's m intent in a man to woman relationship must be thoroughly scrutinised well before settling down with her.

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