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Marrying soon? Here are 5 couple ideas to try.

Weddings are a source of joy to both parties involved and their family. As one party says goodbye, another party is welcoming a new person into their extended family. Aside this two new and different people from diverse backgrounds are going to start a new family.

We all know marriage ceremonies within Africa countries differ due to the diversity of culture and religion throughout the continent. The diversity of the continent leads to enormous diversity among the marriage ceremonies and traditions that take place. Marriage ceremonies throughout Africa vary greatly depending on the faith of the individuals.

In Nigeria, every traditional wedding defers according to the tribe, In the Igbo tribe, the bride’s family present the potential groom with a dowry list that he must fulfill in order to get their blessing to marry. The list often includes, but is not limited to, clothes, food, white goods, and huge items like a new car, a laptop or even a house . Every other tribe has their requirements and preferences before a traditional wedding can take place.

In Ghana before the traditional ceremony (engagement) takes place, there is an extensive background check that the families perform on both the bride and groom. After this the “knocking” ceremony which are all performed before the actual customary marriage rites are undertaken. During the ceremony, the rich culture of Ghanaians is displayed by the bride and groom being dressed like royalty in brightly colored kente and adorned with gold jewelry and regalia. Traditional marriage in Ghana is not just the union of the couple and immediate family but the union of groups of people.

As Ghanaians we take our traditional weddings to heart and this brings out our culture and heritage.

if you are getting married soon, here are Kente styles and ideas you should try with your spouse. Indicate the one you love most.


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