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End Time: 26 year old daughter marries her own mother.

The world is indeed coming to an end as we always hear of the end time and it's very dangerous how LGBTQ is taking over the world as it's already in practice in some countries in the world especially in Europe and America despite being rare in Africa. We need to pray for God's mercy all the time so that he will not descend on us like Sodom and Gomorrah time in the olden days.

Even though "Homosexuality" is legal in some parts of the world but for it being of the same blood is something which is really not common. Mdk Banahene is even speechless about this particular story, wonders they say shall never end and indeed it's very true as a 26 year old daughter called Lolita marries her own mother Loretta, who is 44 years of age and to justifies her act on why she married her own mother, this is what she said; "My mother has been by my side since I was born. I grew up without having a father... I love my mom so much and she's all I have. I don't want to walk away from her so I chose to marry her so we can live together. She's young and knows how to make me happy in bed".

Can you imagine? Just because she don't want to move away from her mom, I just can't think Far. The mother who is 44 years of age also had something to say and this is what she said; "My daughter was ready to leave home if I refused to marry her, I love my daughter so much and would do anything to make her happy". So it's obvious the marriage was the wish of the daughter and for that matter, the mother had to agreed because she want the happiness of her daughter. What is happening in this world? Comment



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