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Husband and wife relationship

Look at what a husband did to the wife for denying him sex

A husband did this to his wife for denying him sex at just a single night

This sudden incident occurred at Mamprobi , on the 23 of June 2021 , Mr Adu , the name of the husband and Mrs Alice the name of the wife.

Mr. Adu is a carpenter , he works every day to get something to cater for his family , Mrs Alice too is a seller she sells vegetables and fruits at the market, Due to the type of work each of them do ,They have make it clear that there are some days they sleep , But on the 23 of June Mr Adu force her wife to have sex with , Her wife thought Mr Adu was joking because it was not a day for them to sleep .So she did not take it serious.

At around 2 am that night Mr Adu waked her wife for them to have sex , the wife was not enough convinced so she did not mind him , According to Mrs Alice she said her husband slapped her and began to fight her , Due to the time she had nothing to do so she shouted for help , Her husband runned away and people came to rescue her .

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Adu Alice Mamprobi


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