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Relationship Breaking Up And How To Work On It

In the case of a possible break up, there are things that can be done by the partners individually, as well as together to work on the relationship.

On An Individual Basis,

One can;

* Look down on, avoid and ignore other potential romantic partners, in their thoughts as well as in the real world.

* Focus and idealize the qualities of the partner, as well as the ‘specialness’ of the relationship.

* Instead of adding ‘fuel to the fire’ by criticizing negative behavior, try to interpret it actions in a positive, empathetic and optimistic way, believing in his or her capacity to change and improve as a person.

On Couple Basis :

* Conflict Management: finding a middle ground between the needs, perceptions of each person. Being able to put a stop to an argument by ‘agreeing to disagreeing’ or apologizing to one another when things have gone too far.

* Forgiving One Another, well too much forgiveness can negatively impact mental health.

* Sacrificing And Letting go of certain things for the sake of the relationship.

* Taking Care Of and helping one another, encouraging interdependence.

* Relieve One Another from the stresses of life, providing unconditional emotional support.

If the relationship is going well but is facing a deadlock, here are helpful tips;

On An Individual Basis, one can:

* Try to think of the couple as a ‘team’, which have a common interest in sticking together

* Spend more time thinking positively about the partner and the relationship

* Embrace generosity, by doing little things in an unexpected way, to show them that you care.

* Be grateful, by telling the other how lucky they feel they have one another.

* Praying for the partner (not religiously, but in a mindful kind of way), which will likely make one feel more compassionate about him or her.

A Couple Can Work Together on:

* Maintaining a transparent communication, discussing and finding solutions to points of contention.

* Reflecting on the relationship, the past, present and future.

* Active listening and meaningful engagement with the inner worlds of one another.

* Light-hearted humor, which can relieve stress and making challenging situations easier to handle.

* Spending time doing fun activities, which will add a positive component to the relationship.

Given the above listed points, managing a relationship is a multifaceted task which involves a range of social qualities connected with emotional intelligence.

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