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Wedding planning scene

Video: See What Happened To A Man Who Wanted To Stun A Wedding Couple On Their Wedding Day With Fire

A gentleman who decided to stun a couple and guests on their wedding day got the shock of his life as he nearly burned to death.

In the video that has got many people shocked on social media, the gentleman was seen in the middle of the wedding couple and guests. So he decided to impress the wedding couple and their guests by blowing fire from his mouth.

In the process, he poured some substance into his mouth while holding a fire. He blows the substance from his mouth and onto the fire, but unfortunately, his mouth catches the fire and starts burning. People around him rushed to his aid to help him put the fire from his mouth out.

This could be one of the most risky acts in the world. What the man did could have cost him his life within a short period of time.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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