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Dating Romantic

All this while I thought ‘Date Rush’ is about finding love.

I was trying hard to figure out where I first saw this guy when he was I Date Rush last week. Now I remember

This guy was on Date Rush this very season, some ladies left their Rushes on and then he was made to switch all and leave two on. He did, and asked the million-dollar question. 

When he was asked to choose one, he said he wanted both of them and if the two of them would accept to date him, then fine. If not, then he is not going for any. He left without picking any, a failed attempt to do an Ignicious

I'm shocked that the organisers of the show didn't see that as a waste of time and gave him another chance to come on the show. Gives an impression they are more for the entertainment than helping honest people find love.

All this While I thought it was about finding love not knowing it was all staged

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Date Rush


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