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Features Men Possess That Attracts Women

In the broad world of relationship, male and female before beginning relationships become attracted to each other. There are certain qualities in a man that makes women attracted to them, and same goes for the women. These features are what individual sees in the opposite gender, that makes them want to get to know them better. Some of the features women find attractive in men include.

Their beard. For some reason, women like men with facial hair. Ladies seem to like men with beard and mustaches. A reason why women don't shut out guys that have this quality away.

Muscles. Women extremely like guys who are built and appear strong. For some reason, they feel that a man who is more muscular can give proper protection than a slim person. So they tend to go for guys who possess these characteristic features.

Women adore intelligence. Assuming the woman is struggling to solve a particular problem, she expects the male to know the answer as she doesn't. Having good intelligence really attracts women.

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