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Is Your Partner Showing These 4 Signs in Your Relationship? Advice yourself.

First of, before we delve into the main discussion for today.

My dear I want you to know you deserve more love,happiness and joy in your life.

Trust me, love is a beautiful thing when natured and given a hardwork.

One thing we all need in this life is relationship whether friendly or amorous but sometimes some relationships can actually instead of making you BETTER, make you BITTER.

Look out for the following signs in your partner and advice yourself before it's too late:

1. When your calls and messages are neglected with no tangible reasons:

It's interesting how the beautiful relationship you started, talking all day on phone and video calls can all of a sudden vanish and you ask , so what happened or what did I do wrong?

Well, if he/she changes with no tangible reason, it's time to advice yourself.

2. Persistent conflict even after all efforts for peace to reign:

it's really sad and annoying how you swallow your ego just to save the relationship in times of difficulty yet all prove fatal or is used against you instead, just move on in case you are victim to this please.

3. Excuse of being busy just to ignore you:

Trust me, there is no busy person that can't text nor call for a minute to check on you.

Ask yourself if they eat or visit the toilet during the day?

And how come they had time for such activities if they were busy? So you see, it's all about priorities.

4. If you don't call or message them , they will never call nor message:

I know this can be heartbreaking and you wonder if you are dating yourself but hey! You deserve better, ok you gave in so you can equally give out.

Remember to first love and appreciate yourself and don't expect from people because expectations hurt and people can change.



Thank you.

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