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Touch the breast: How men can help their partners prevent breast cancer through touching (photos)

Breast cancer has become the number one cause of death among women in fertile age. But early detection of breast cancer can save lifes. Early signs of breast cancer are lumbs, discoloration, retracted nipples, abnormal discharges, tingling sensation in the breast, etc.

There are two ways a woman can examine her breasts to know if she is developing breast cancer without going to the hospital. Fortunately men can contribute greatly in these examination. The good news is that, these can be done during romantic touch.

First is what we term as self breast examination. This can be done by the woman herself. It is done three days after menstruation has ended and at least three days before the next menses. The woman exposes the breast while lying supine with the head resting on one palm. The other hand is used to massage the opposite breast begining from the ampit to the nipple. She feels for tenderness, tingling and lumbs. She then changes the hand and does same to the other breast.

Next stage, she stands infront of a mirror that can visualize both breasts at the same time. She then takes a closer look at the sizes of both breasts, the nipple positions and colour consistencies. She can better do this by lifting both hands up and down. It is worthy to note that it is normal for one breast to be slightly bigger than the other.

She then cups one breast in his hand and use the opposite hand to massage it in a circular manner. After this she squeezes the nipple and obeseves for any discharges.

For women with bigger breats, they require assistance to under self breast examination. This leads us to assisted breast examination. This is where a spouse comes it. In this case, the assistant stands behind the woman who should be naked at least down to the waist. He then grasps both breasts from behind gently. He takes note of any lumbs while the woman takes note of numbness etc as above.

Next he stands infront of the woman and observes the two breasts for size, nipple positions, colour etc. The man also has an added advantage of sucking the breasts. Any abnormality should be reported immediately to the doctor.

So the next time you touch your woman, make sure it is done romantically and medically.

Thanks for reading. But the most important thing is putting the acquired skills into practice.


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