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Photos Of Beautiful SHS Girls Slaying In Uniforms That Will Blow Your Mind

School life is very fun, one I am so glad to have experienced. The satisfaction I got from school is one I can not trade for any thing. Aside learning how to speak, read and write different languages, there are so many other benefits. How to communicate, socialize and discipline ones self are some of the things you also get from school. The senior high school level offers just enough of those lessons, so if you missed high school, you missed a whole lot of good stuff.

School is still in progress, even though the seniors who are close to writing their final examinations are still home. Perhaps, a relief for juniors as their strict seniors are home resting, while they enjoy school till their return. Having some fun in school is never bad, but it must be done taking into consideration how much you learn. We always say, "all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. And all play and no work, makes Jack a lazy boy." This means that both sides are really necessary, but don't get too much into the fun, you might end up regretting it.

Having the opportunity to attend school is great, I will never discourage any one from going to school. That doesn't mean it is the only way to make it in life, but school is surely one of the easiest ways to have an easy life.

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