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Wedding planning scene

Have you seen these wedding culture ?

Wedding is the happiest day in the lives of many. But in some culture it can be a day of greatest regret and you won't even think of getting another partner. Let look at the weirdest wedding culture in the world.

#6 South Korea: Beating Groom Feet

In South Korea if you really want to walk home peacefully just bribe your groomsmen. Before a groom can leave with his bride, groomsmen or family members remove the groom’s shoes and bind his ankles with rope before taking turns to beat his feet with a stick. In case you love your feet more you can walk home without your wife. But there is questioning in-between the canes to reduce the pains.

#5 France: Le Pot de Chambre

I have decided to be in charge of food on my wedding after hearing this. Following the wedding reception, guest would traditionally gather leftover food and drink and place into a chamber pot before presenting to the newlyweds to drink, supposedly to give them energy for their wedding night. Food bought with your own money into a chamber pot ?.Well now it has been modernized into a slightly more appealing concoction of chocolate and champagne in chamber pot.

#4 Sweden: You May All Kiss The Bride

Seeing your 8 years old partner kissing someone is heartbreaking but not on your wedding day. In many western weddings, the immortal words ‘you may now kiss the bride’ signifies the sealing of a couple’s vows with a kiss but in Sweden, the kissing ritual is taken to a whole other level. If the groom should leave the room, the male guest take turn to kiss the bride and vice versa.

#3 China: Crying Ritual

Weddings are often an emotional affair, but in certain parts of China crying is a required part of preparation for marriage. A month before their forthcoming nuptials, Tujia brides will cry for one hour each day. Ten days into the ritual, the bride is joined by her mother and ten days after that, the bride’s grandmother joins the weeping duo and eventually other female family members will join in the cacophony of crying. Termed Zuo Tang  (Sitting in the Hall) in the western Sichuan province, the ritual is said to date back to China’s Warring States era when the mother of a Zhao princess broke down in tears at her wedding.

#2 Malaysia and Indonesia: Borneo’s Bathroom Ban

Answering natures call is something you must never play with. But this can a problem if you decide to marry under the Borneo culture. After wedding couples must not leave their room for a whole three days under watchful eyes and they are also given small amount of food. They believe not observing the ritual tarnish the bride and groom with bad luck often resulting in infidelity, the breakup of their marriage or the death of their children.

#1 Kenya: Maasai Marriage Spitting

Spitting is a whole bunch of unhealthy act. It is seen both medically and often culturally as unfair. But not to everyone. Imagine on your wedding day and your father in-law walks in majestically and spits on your wives GHC1500 hairstyle and like that's not enough tear her dress and spits on her breast. This is really ridiculous but not to the maasai tribe. It is a customary act believed to wade off bad luck.

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