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True Story: "I Want to Denounce My Mother Because i No Longer Want to Keep This Secret"

Ladies and gentlemen, Nancy's my name, and I'm twenty-one. For two years I have kept a secret and I don't want to stand it anymore because my mother has done so much harm.

My dad is an official and God's thanks to him a house we live in has been able to build. My dad also had the children, i.e. my cousins and cousins of his brothers and sisters.

Three years have passed since my mother harmed nephews and nieces of her husband. In one of the drawers in his bedroom my father always kept the money. Often she keeps in her drawer a lot of money.

So every time his money went missing, my dad would tell us. He accused his nephews and nieces of the thefts each time, and finally emptied them. My dad has driven people out of his house with us on many occasions, because his money always disappears.

So one day in the wallet of my mother i discovered a lot of money. After my father told us that his money had just gone missing again, it was the exact sum in my mother's wallet.

So when she found i caught her, she confessed to me that she always had the money of daddy, and sadly father blamed his nephews incorrectly.

In order to keep it secret, she also gave me a little money and I became her accomplice since that day. However for two years now, my mother and i stealed dad's money.

Today i notify myself of the fact that my dad chases out of the house poor innocent people. What hurt me most was that after he had been accused of theft my dad chased off one of his nephews, who was a student. It was my dad who paid for his studies and, today, because of a lack of financial resources, he gave up studies.

So i have decided, in denouncing my mother because you never know where life leads us, to end this evil that we bring upon other people, perhaps some day i will need help from my cousins, kicked from his home by my father. On the other hand, I'm afraid he will end his relationship if i tell my father the truth, because he never will forgive her."

Do you think my dad will forgive us if we confess our sins to him? let's hear your own opinion

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