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Reasons Couples Don't Love Using Condoms Despite The Risks Of Getting Infections

Every health center, large learning institutions like universities and public places that have frequent visits ensure they restock rubber condoms so that people can pick them freely.

Contrary to popular belief condoms only meant to prevent pregnancy, the bitter truth is unmarried & married couples doesn't like to make use of condoms preferring to go raw. They were designed to help prevent diseases and early pregnancies. An expert ran a poll to find out why couples don't like to use condoms.

1. Intimacy- Even if they do their best to minimize the spread of infections, many couples admit that they sometimes prefer to jeopardize their health in order to feel more connected.

2. Smells bad - many couples have complained that the product emits a noxious odor. In order to prevent the obnoxious foul smell, the majority of people choose to ignore the product.

3. Visual HIV test- Judging each other by their looks and wealth is commonplace in today's dating world. Someone can presume that just because a woman is attractive doesn't mean she's confident and has no STDs, and thus they'll continue to engage in unprotected acts with her.

4. Availability of contraceptives- There are a wide variety of contraceptives that prevent pregnancy, commonly referred to as P2. In the name of "we'll utilize P2," many partners will disregard condoms.

5. The Unnecessary trust that your partner doesn't cheat- Use a condom while you're in a relationship. Nobody can be trusted, therefore don't be fooled by this remark.

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