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Story of crush, love and heart break

The cock crowed and my eyes opened wide.I know you know why.Yes!!! I couldn't wait to go to school and see him again.

Yes I admit that I like him very much but a lady has got to be a lady.I can't let him know that I like him. I got dressed,took my breakfast and headed for school.I always walk to school alone but today I had company.

I know you are thinking exactly how I was thinking.

Someone pulled my bag from behind and I thought exactly what you are thinking right now.

"Justin stop!!! ",I shouted.

"I knew you liked the new student in our class and you even know his name already", Gerald said while walking away from me.

"The teacher mentioned his name in class yesterday."

"Is that why you spent almost the whole day with him yesterday?"

"No... I did that only to make him feel welcomed...why are you talking as if I'm already seeing him? "

"I'm afraid that might actually happen...Karen please don't forget me."

I held his hand tight enough to feel his bones.

"Let's go together" I told him.

During school,I tried my very best to avoid Justin but he always appeared in front of me someway somehow.I could tell Gerald was getting jealous.

School closed earlier today or was it the day that went faster than normal?

Either way I'm happy I'm going home. At least Gerald won't feel jealous anymore.As I was thinking of a way out of the school without being seen by my personal assistant(as I call him now) ,he(Justin) was also thinking of a way to keep me for sometime.

Guess what he did?

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