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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Typical Errors Guys Make And How To Avoid Them

There are some typical errors that most guys make and it shouldn't be mention among the highly seductive guys. It is always said that, first impression counts and it's rather unfortunate many turn to shy away from it. It is interesting to know that, how women respond to you depnds on so many things aside your physical look and manliness. If a woman who wants lasting relationship with you would get to know the deeper side of you by even provoking you.

Yes it happens and if you're not able to sense such situations, then it become hard to have you dream woman. Such mistakes shouldn't be name among Alpha Males. Below are some typical errors most guys do and how you can avoid them to have the woman you want.

1. Putting Her On A Pedestal 

Such unattractive trait most guys do is what makes them find it difficult to have their dream girl. I've been a victim of that and it took me no where. Some guys puts women on a pedestal even when their proposal has not been accepted. Putting someone on a pedestal means, you honour and reverence the person so much. In the field where you find yourself, there are times it's allowed to do that and there are times you are not expected to even come close to the woman.  Women love to look up to guys not necessarily because of his money but other qualities he possess and really admires them.

2. Void Compliment 

Talking of a highly Seductive player, void compliment shouldn't be your attitude in attracting women. Most guys over compliment a woman and that makes her feel uncomfortable for a period of time. Always make sure your compliment comes with weight and able to make her feel special. Women loves it when you compliment a certain trait or thing on them then their physical beauty. 

3. Giving Out Presents

Be careful of how you give gift to women you want to attract. Gifts in the relationship arena should come as a surprise and not a daily habit. Indeed, money is powerful in the aspect of dating. Giving out frequent money makes her sees you to be her source of income and that you shouldn't be you. Make her nervous and surprise her with her favorite gift unaware. A woman would continue to chase if you can become the best version of yourself. The world is a mega stage, make useful of it to soar higher.

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