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“I Turned Gay From When I Mistakenly Landed In My Wife’s Bortos Instead Of Her Womanhood”-Man Shares

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Homosexuality off late is on the rise in many countries which most of these countries are struggling hard to pass on laws to deal with these culprits. Some of these members are having a change in mind as some are strongly in love with the act. A man has taken to social media a post on how it all begun with his homosexuality life but he is now born again. His story in a way look confusing and difficult for I understand but anyway makes a point too.

He started by narrating when he mistakenly landed in his wive’s backside during intimacy and he claimed that, the feeling he had was more than him going through her womanhood. She did not draw his attention in the first place actually that he is in the wrong side until they finished and she then told him what he did. He then developed a feeling to be a gay since then. He started searching for friends who were members and they stared to roll out. Later, he started experiencing problems of anal sores and other bad conditions for which he personally advised himself to forfeit. He got born again after he felt quite better and he seemed for forgiveness from God amidst his repentance. He also took this opportunity to advise the youth who are in it to refrain an seek for forgiveness as well.

This story has touched a lot of hearts online as some commended him for having a change in mind from his bad ways. What’s your opinion about this story? Let your opinion be heard in the comments section below.

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