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People Reveal Funny Reasons Why They are Single - This is Hilarious

There are so many stories surrounding relationship and with the rising toxicity people are being exposed to true love is getting diminished.

One person curiously asked on social media that, "Why you're single? Write any Funny reason". This post is to get the funny reasons people gave to prevent going into a relationship.

Honestly, people gave ridiculous reasons and it is even very hard to believe such are true. The girls especially gave reasons with high doubt as to why the turned down proposals from boys.

One person said that men are to fake to handle and she recently ended a relationship with a man who cheated on her. Another person said that she doesn't want wahala because a man squandered her savings.

For the guys, one person said that girls are lies and cheats. One guy also said girls in this generation are full do disappointments.

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