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Date Rush and Fatima's answer: Could it be that all the 'dating materials' have been taken?

"I can even give my school fees to you. Me naa, the school, people are going so I also want to go some", these were the words of Fatima today as the Rasta guy came on board to ask his last two ladies how well they can be able to push him in his career, should he choose either of them.

How on earth can you give an answer to such a question?

Such a stupid answer from an experienced lady like Fatima. Under no condition should a person be pushed just to do something anyhow without an aim of how he/she wants the whole scene to begin and end. And, no man under normal circumstance should fall for such an answer when you have another alternative waiting for you there.

Looking at Fatima, listening to some interviews she has conducted earlier on air makes me know that she is a fellow Musician and a believer of the conscious Rastafari movement. So, I was expecting her to give an answer in relation to her background, her experience in the music sphere as she was fortunate the other lady spoke first and as a result, she could take a word or two from where she left off to better her reply to the question her suitor asked.

Last week for instance, a similar incident happened when a 20year old lady came around and was not too sure of what she wanted. She even had to brag by saying that she likes spending on guys and she would love to spend on any guy she goes out with. 

This was a tactic just to pull the men close to her because who wouldn't go in for a free lunch? An able young man, hearing such news should rush and grab this fellow for chills. 

A 20-year-old lady. And spending on men is something you like? At age 20. I'm not sure she has heard of the story of her predecessors who fell into a similar trance and later regretted their past. I was thinking at her age, she should be concentrating on her education, if not, a trade or something to better herself because in our setting, it is difficult to find a suitor when you are now getting yourself ready to face the real world.

So, one should focus on his or her dream, learn the lessons, get ready for what life has to offer and at age 25 and above, you would known and understood yourself, you would have noticed your call, giftings, and talents to pursue your goals.

Back to Fatima. She made me shy this evening because I am her big fun, I know she knows what she want and would use her vibe, smartness to grab every man that comes her way. Besides, you are beautiful so why try to impress a man? 

Alas, she had a date today. I think she learnt her lessons and was able to give an honest and reasonable answer the second time. It was good she gave it a try. It was good she did not give up on herself. It was good she decomposed herself and came back to herself. She deserves the guy and I hope it's not just for the cameras like it has often be!? 

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