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Abortion Is First Degree Murder

Abortion Is First Degree Murder 

Nowadays ,people choose to commit Abortion ,like easing their bowels . Some have taken abortion for granted as though it were just a mere defecation of night soil. But little do they know that abortion is first degree murder ,and it should be avoided at all cost .

Many have given it derogatory terms like " flushing " ,as if it were faeces that were being flushed in the water closet toilet facility. 

In reality some ladies womb are like water closet that receives children as foetus only to flush them out . So to them Abortion is just a way of life ,to relief themselves of like getting rid of constipation in their bowels . 

Such ladies do not have value for the unborn baby ,once it enters their womb . First ,they see that kind of child as unwanted in their lives and unvited into this world and as such they are extremely unwelcomed .

These are unlearned and uncultured people who see abortion as a away out of complicated relationships . As a matter of fact it is high time we saw abortion as a first degree murder .

The human live is of prime importance to God and anyone who takes human life has committed a grave sin against God and humanity and shall not be innocent.

There are so many ways to prove that abortion is equally a murder and it should be treated legally as such .The following are factors that elucidate abortion as murder ;

1. Life begins in the womb

It is a well noted fact that live in itself begins in the womb . Without the womb no human being on earth could assume a human life . With the exception of Adam ,the first man created by the handicraft of God Almighty, all other human lives begin in the womb .

Even our Lord Jesus Christ whose birth was by the immaculate conception ,still began in the womb . The Holy seed was put into the womb of Mary by the word of the angel .

So if Jesus Christ who is Lord of Lords and king of kings even made use of the womb of the woman ,we need to realise that life begins in the womb . In this sense a baby in the womb is a human life even as a foetus, the figmentation of life is the unborn baby. 

To destroy the unborn baby is a destruction of the human live ,to kill the unborn baby is tantamount to killing a human being. If every child that enters the womb were to be aborted , even you and I wouldn't be in the world by now .

Killing the unborn baby is like cutting the roots of the family tree ,so if you are fond of committing abortion you are already guilty of first degree murder ,because you kill the innocent child. 

You deprive a fellow human being the opportunity of coming into the world to accomplish a godly destiny on earth .

2. No Foetus no life 

Every human Life is in the foetus , so if you will not kill a human being, because you know it is a murder case ,in the same vein ,it is also a grievous crime to kill a human foetus in the womb .

This is the reality ,because no foetus no life ,so if you destroy the foetus it means you have destroyed a human being .  

3. Blood Is Blood 

In Every abortion there is always blood that comes out of the woman ,this means the foetus is already exhibiting the human blood .

So if killing a grown up person means you are taking human life ,then it is also a blood shed to kill the unborn baby. 

This is because ,blood is blood, whether is the blood of th the unborn baby or the human being. This is one of the reasons why abortion is a first degree murder .

4. God's Purpose 

God has a reason for bringing every human being into the world even ,scripture makes us to understand that God knew us before we were made a foetus in the womb of our mother .

" Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. " 

 Jeremiah 1:5

So God has a reason for bringing every human being into the world, God ordained Jeremiah as a prophet before he was made a foetus in the womb.

You can imagine if Jeremiah was aborted in the womb of his mother ,and he was never born , the many lives that would have been lost ,because his prophetic ministry saved a lot of souls .

In this way God's purpose for his life would have been aborted as well .In the light of this we see that abortion has done more harm than good to the purpose of God for the victims. 

This unborn babies never had a chance to experience the purpose of God in their lives ,because they were killed in the womb. 

5. Foetus Has A soul .

Lastly ,abortion must be avoided for the strongest fact that ,the foetus in the womb has a soul in it and for that matter killing the foetus means a human soul is lost.

The human life starts with a soul ,every living being that has breath , means it possess a soul .In the same way that the unborn baby also breaths even while in the womb of the mother and this means that the breath of God which is the soul is already in the foetus. 

So killing a baby inside the womb is the same as taking someone's life ,because there is a soul in it that is lost .So abortion is typical murder case and it must be addressed as such .


In view of this I dare to say that nations that endorse abortion as legal are really brutalising innocent souls of the unborn babies .

This is an act of infanticide and it is totally inhuman and as such it infringes on the human rights of children yet to be born .

This is also to stress the fact that it is sinful in the sight of God to do abortion no matter the circumstances. Finally let's heed the commandment of God in the Holy Bible : 

 " Thou shalt not kill. "

 Deuteronomy 5:17

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