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I abandoned my daughter to get married and then karma caught up with me (fiction)

My name is Lorna and I did amiss with my girl. My sweetheart left me pregnant and I have birth to child young lady. I raised her alone as a solitary parent. 

I generally wanted to get hitched, I needed a cheerful and settled life. I had numerous qualified men around me, yet at whatever point I educated them regarding my girl, they ghosted me. I adored my girl the most, yet to be straightforward I was passing up my own satisfaction. 

And afterward, I met Jason through a dating application. He was rich, attractive and an extremely well-to-do individual. I would not like to pass up an opportunity with him, so I didn't make reference to him about my girl. 

Inside half a month of dating, he requested that I move in with him. I truly needed to say 'YES', however I declined his offer due to my little girl. I was unable to quit contemplating his proposition. I thought a ton and chose to move in with him. 

I requested that my sister Lily deal with my girl. She wavered from the outset however then she concurred. She questioned me since she thought I will leave them forever. I would not like to destroy out my arrangements, so I said that I'll be back soon. 

I moved into Jason's place. Following a couple of months, he proposed to me for marriage, however the he said something sudden. He likewise put a condition for the marriage, he would not like to have children. Furthermore, in the event that I consent to this condition, just he'll get hitched to me. 

I would not like to cut off my friendship with him, he was my simply opportunity to get settled. Also, he was all that I was absent in my life. I thought a great deal and the lone thing that was halting me was my little girl. However, at that point I understood that my little girl was protected with Lily. Lily was unmarried so she truly required somebody to live with, and she was taking acceptable consideration of my little girl. 

In this way, after a great deal of point of view, I acknowledged Jason's proposition. I got hitched to him and at first, we were glad, yet with time, his conduct towards me changed. Following two years of marriage, he lost interest in me. He didn't want to invest energy with me. He used to drink a ton around evening time and gathering with irregular young ladies. Before long, he asked me for a separation and dismissed me from the house. 

Evidently, he got another sweetheart and was exhausted of me. I left him however I had no other spot to go. I assembled all my mental fortitude and returned to my sister. However, both Lily and my little girl didn't acknowledge me in. They were truly furious with me since I left forever, and when I had no other spot to go, I get back to them. They requested that I avoid them. I list everything for impermanent satisfaction. I lament a great deal for what I did yet they are directly at their place. I trust one day the two of them will excuse me for my mix-up.

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