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Date rush: Grandpa finally got a date, her name was Susana.

Date rush has been increasingly interesting daily. Today I am here with another update on our favorite show date rush. Today's show hosted the guys. The names of the guys on the show were: Sammy, Quecy, Granpah, Desmond, Rockson, Prince, Abdul, Ali, and I'ma. Ima and Abdul are our new members on the panel.

Giovanni the host of your favorite show as usual came in with his guys all with some tantalizing dance moves. He gave a brief interview of the guys. He asked what advice they received from the Daddy on a relationship.

The most dominant answer was respect for your woman. The First woman on the show was Susana. She explained that the show is fun and you also get a date that's why she enrolled on it.

The first profile video of Susan was an introduction where she said her name was Susana Igioma Trolley, 25 years of age, loving, caring, church girl but she doesn't tolerate nonsense.

Susan came on stage dancing and after some brief interviews and exchanges, Giovanni called for the first profile video. Five rushes we're off and 5 on. Most of the guys turned off their rushes because they were bored when she didn't dance with Nhyiraba and also the comment she made about tolerating nonsense notwithstanding there were other rushes on for her.

Giovanni called for the second profile video after some interviews. She explained that her ex broke up with her because they couldn't reach an understanding of exchanging nudes. Giovanni called for the next decision time. Ima turned off his rush. He wasn't happy about the way she broke up with her first guy.

Giovanni called for the third profile video. Susana said she is pursuing a career, marriage, and raise a family. Three more rushes went off after the decision time but Desmond turned back his rush.

She was asked to turn one rush off of which Rocksons rush went off leaving Desmond and Grandpa. She gave them a question to answer after which she choose Grandpa who was so excited after several weeks of been rejected by many ladies.

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