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You Are In A Fake Relationship If You See These 8 Things

In a time when singles are looking to connect more than ever, it’s surprising to learn that the dating world is full of fake relationships. It’s sad but it’s true that we are living in a world of fake relationships. This is best exhibited on social media. 

To not be easily fooled, you should look out for the signs of fake love from a man or the signs she is pretending to love you. These fake relationship signs can easily help you figure out whether you’re just being taken for granted or not.

1. You’re always the one initiating things

One of the biggest signs of a fake relationship is one-sided affection. If you find you’re always the one initiating conversation, making dates, and reaching out via text, you’re probably in a fake relationship.

2. Their words are worthless

People showing fake love practically have split personalities. They say one thing, but they mean another.

3. They Seem Uninterested In the Relationship.

If you’re in a fake relationship, your partner will keep you at arm’s length and avoid letting things get too serious. Perhaps they don’t want to fully commit to you because they’re seeing other people or just not interested in settling down yet.

4. They’re Withdrawn, Cold or Aloof.

A partner who isn’t emotionally available can’t give you their whole heart, only a fake relationship. They only know how to take but can never reciprocate the energy and emotions you share. Do you pour your heart and soul into the relationship, only to feel drained at the end of the day?

5. They Never Let You Meet Friends or Family.

A fake relationship isn’t too difficult to identify from the outside looking in. Aside from the signs listed above, your partner may also keep you from their friends and family. They don’t want to give you the wrong idea that there’s a future in the cards. So, they will always make excuses when you ask to meet the critical people in their life.

6. They pretend to love you 

For example, a fake partner just wants to take you to parties with them in order to seem like they are settled and happy in front of their successful friends. They would want to have a fake relationship status on SM, but you could just be the trophy girlfriend or a standby boyfriend.

7. The conversations are dry

Not only do they not listen to you, but they also put zero effort into having fruitful talks with you.

If you have been feeling that your conversations are forced and you have to go the extra mile to draw your partner out, that too with little or no success, the writing is on the wall: a girl is faking her love for you or a guy has no real feelings for you.

8. No romance after the intimacy

It is hard to say whether, in fake relationships, the sex suffers or not. It might still be mind-blowing even if there isn’t an emotional connect. Yet, the intimacy you share right when the sex is over will definitely be lacking.

He might love the sex, but not love you even half as much. Or if a woman is pretending to love you, she might seem distant and aloof even during the act. They may strictly just zip up and walk out. He is just pretending to love you.

Content created and supplied by: Auntykuma (via Opera News )


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