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7 Huge Dating Mistakes Women Make

Hey there, you sexy single ladies, Shad Dollar I help women create a love life that they absolutely freaking love. And one thing that I've noticed about sexy, confident women versus women who seem to kind of struggle in love is not how many mistakes that they actually make. It's how they perceive themselves after the mistake is made. When a woman always seems to struggle in love over and over and over again, when she makes mistakes, she seems to believe it's a reflection of herself and her own. Self-worth when a sexy, confident woman makes a mistake, she looks at it as more of kind of a learning experience. It's a way she can learn and adapt and change for the better. So here are seven mistakes that I'm going to help you avoid in the future and that even smart women make. And quite frankly, even if you make them, you can bounce back, but just by knowing them, you're going to be much better off. So here we go. Number seven is texting a guy, how you feel now, there's once a day, where if you wanted to share your feelings with someone, you had to wait for days until you saw that person in real life and then find the courage to finally say it. But now these days the 21st century we can go from an impulse to delivered messages within 10 seconds, depending on how fast you can text. So rather than always messaging what it is that you feel, I asked you to grow some of that courage and bring that to real-life interactions because that's where real intimacy actually exists. Number six is trying to make a bad guy into a good guy.

 One thing I've noticed over the years of working with some really smart, interesting, charismatic, ambitious women, is that they bring that ambition to a relationship. So once they meet a guy who might be exciting and interesting, but really doesn't fit the type of man that will make her happy rather than saying, you know what I'm done with this. She goes into repair mode and she wants to do everything. She can turn them into the right type of guy for her. But that ambition can really hurt you when it comes to dating relationships. And I, I really urge you to, rather than always try to fix things, to see people for who they really are. And when you see those signs, if you notice that a guy is not the right guy for you, you got to move on and find the right guy. Number five is looking for the perfect partner. A lot of smart, ambitious want to take that perfectionism attitude to real life and take it to relationships. But something I've learned over the years, especially now that I'm getting into a much more serious relationship with my partner is that actually the more you get to know someone, the more you find out their imperfections. And it's actually the imperfection that you discover that makes you fall even deeper in love with that person. Number four is getting to know him sexually before knowing if he can keep with you intellectually and emotionally. Number three is expecting him to be your boyfriend before he is actually your boyfriend. When you start meeting a guy and things are going really well to assume that you are suddenly in a relationship with him, but my advice to you is to look unless it is explicitly clear that you are in a relationship. You have to assume that he's probably seeing other women as well. So don't make that assumption of thinking you are in a relationship yet. Number two is assuming that just because he's smart and charming, that he's actually a good person, sadly smart people can be the most dangerous people in relationships. And number one is seeing what you want to see rather than the reality of who they really are. It's so important to keep reasoning in the equation rather than always going with your emotion. Thanks, and let me hear from you in the comments below, stay tuned for more dating and relationship tips.

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