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Date Rush Relationships That Have Ended In Premium Tears

 Date Rush is a program organised for singles who are looking for date or singles who are ready to mingle. Many relationships born out of the program unfortunately ends in tears.

Below are some of the Date Rush relationships that have ended in Premium Tears.

Powder Guy and Ruby

Ruby publicly broke up with Powder guy on the date rush reunion. According to her, she's been hearing rumours about powder guy that she's cheating and that she can attest to it.

Bella and Koffie

Many of date rush show got excited when Bella got a date. This is because, she's been on the show for quite a long time. Bella on an interview with Zion Felix said, they have ended their relationship because, they both got plans and goals.

Grandpa and Susana

Grandpa who got a date not long ago revealed in an interview that, his relationship has failed. He went to the extent of publicly announcing their current situations. According to him, they have blocked each other on WhatsApp and as a matter of fact, does not pick each others calls. He further stated that, their personalities does not match since they are both quick-tempered.

Manuella and David

David and Manuella in one of the episodes ended up as a match after David chose her amongst the lot. However, it was evident on the show that Manuella was not interested in him and was forced to go with him because David turned her rush back on after she turned it off. With the lack of interest, Manuella refused to go on any date with David who was stood up in one instance.

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