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Divorce Affair

(Throwback): See what these two security personnel did whilst on duty that got people talking.

This trend you are about to read is from Dimaskinosnews. It is about two security personnels who filmed themselves as they have fun with each other during their duty time. Please do not forget to comment like and share after reading. Many of us have already seen this video and read about it.

So as we all know, people employed to secure area or things do so with seriousness and do nothing else apart from that on duty but these two seemed to have a different perspective of the issue. They decided to do it at their workplace instead In the video, the male was seen setting up his phone camera and placing on one of the tables in the room. He did this as he waited for the woman to leave her post and attend to him. As he waited, one could see him smoking cigar.

Smoking I think is not allowed indoors at workplaces right? But this man seemed to be above the rules.So he went on with his thing until the woman arrived. They hugged each other and kissed each other then got down to work. One other thing that was sighted by Dimaskinosnews in the video is that, the woman in the video seemed to be married has she was seen wearing a ring on her finger.A married woman cheating on her husband with her colleague at their workplace. How can she do that. This sometime ago triggered a lot of unanswered questions. Some said it was her husband but many argued with it as they said the man had no ring on.

The video can not be uploaded here because of its features. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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