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5 Tips on how you can impress a woman

As a man, there are certain tips that can help you impress a woman. There are things which you can do that can help you impress your woman as a man. It is no doubt that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to be able to impress a woman. Remember that as a man you can impress your partner or wife. As it doesn't only have to be a girl who you don't know or have just met.

1. Be honest to her.

As a man, you can impress her if you stay honest to her. Never tell her lies or lie to her. Always be straightforward and say the truth about everything. When a girl starts noticing that you're straightforward and don't tell lies. This will make her trust you and also feel secure when she is around you. Being honest and truthful can go a long way in impressing a lady.

2. Help someone else in front of her.

As a man, by helping someone else in her front can also be helpful too. You can assist or offer an elderly person help in front of her. This will let her know that you have a good heart. Not just that, but you also like doing good for people. It will go a long way in making her feel impressed by your act of kindness. 

3. Be mentally and emotionally mature.

A majority of women admire men who are mature and good at handling things. You can find it difficult to impress a woman if you don't act mature. Show her that you're mature mentally and emotionally, and this will make her seek advice from you each time she is in need of someone to advise her or talk to her.

4. Show her that you notice every little thing.

5. Give her good advice when she needs one.

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