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Do You Think Life Is Too Hard? Checkout Pictures Of These Prisoners In Nigeria & Other Countries

.Every citizen in its various countries all over the world is guided by fundamental human rights, including freedom of expression, movement, partnership between people in society and so many more. But some have been disregarded because they violate the laws governing their countries

When an individual is found guilty of violating his own country's rules, no one is above the law and will face the consequences.

Too many people have served prison time for the crime they commit, so it is not right to commit crimes regardless of the case.

Most of these prisoners have no social comfort, some of them have no bed for sleeping, the jail is overcrowded and underfed.

For prisoners, life is really challenging because of the difficult difficulties they face at the jail, we should be thankful to God for the freedom we have because there are so many prisoners.

Some of these inmates are innocent but suffer for a crime which they don't know about, jail is actually not a place to live in.

This is why people who have freedom should do their best to avoid crime because jail is not an environment in which to live.

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