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I Passed My Virginity Test~ Berla Mundi Declares After Dipo Rite.

Dipo is a ritual used to initiate young girls into adulthood in some parts of Ghana. Despite public opinion, the rite continues to exist despite the fact that we are now in the twenty-first century, and things have changed dramatically. The famous traditional rite is very common among the Krobos in the Eastern region of Ghana. After a successfully passing out, it means, girls are ready to be taken home as wife.

Berla Mundi, a well-known television host, paid a visit to the people of Kroboman over the weekend to share the occasion with them. She posted a picture of herself dressed as a Dipo girl, ready to be taken.

Berla Mundi shared photos of the traditional event on her Instagram profile, captioning it, "I passed my virginity test, and they gave me Lucozade." Many of her followers praised her for attending the occasion. Some of them jokingly said, she could not be a virgin at this age.

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