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Why Girls Of Today Like Older Men

Sometimes young men get confused when they realize that the girls they are in love with and probably want to marry reject them because of their age. So the question they keep asking is why young girls want to date older men.

It's virtually true that most girls today want to date older men with many reasons. I would like to talk about five main reasons why they choose the old men instead of their age groups when it comes to dating and even marriage.

1. Older men are matured- Many girls today choose to date or marry older men because they think they know how to handle them since they have had some relationships before and therefore understand how to treat a woman to feel loved than the young boys or men.

2. They are sexually good- Older men are much competent during sex and know how to treat a woman to satisfaction sexually in bed. They know how to hold and touch certain areas of a woman that will bring ecstasy and make her cum happily without bouncing on her. 

3. They don't interfer in personal affairs- Girls today are choosing older men to their age groups because the older men don't interfer in their personal affairs, they give them room to have their privacy. They don't take their phones to go through their messages, they don't force them in their choice of friendship and also they don't give them unnecessarily suspicions.

4. They are financially stable- A lot of girls or young women have the opinion that older men takes good care of them than the younger ones becay they are much richer. Yet they don't control them in the use of the money. According to them when a young boy gives you some money for a particular reason, they keep asking you of what you requested the money for. But the older men don't mind whether the money was use for the purpose or not because they have accomplish much more in life.

5. They respect women they are dating or married to- Young girls and women older who are dating older they are adored, respected, cherished, loved and above all respected by their older boyfriends and husbands. According to them they don't suspect that every guy that see him talking to them is their boyfriend. They say they don't threat boys they see them to be closer with to keep off. Even when they are suspensious of them having an affair with your someone, they let them know their fears but when they explain to them of their faithfulness to them alone they turn to understand without argument.

These and others are the reasons why girls today prefers to have an affair or marry the older men.

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