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Dear Men, If A Woman Does These 3 Things For You Then It Means She Genuinely Loves You…

Several times, you can only second guess your partner. I mean, it's very difficult to really tell if someone loves you for real or not. They can say they love you, but is it for real? Are they actually telling the truth?

Today I’m going to give you 3 things that women do when they genuinely love you, so that you can at least differentiate between someone who is just there for ulterior motives and someone who is really there for the relationship and would like to see it grow.

1. She is not shy or afraid to be seen by your friends and family.

Now there's nothing like dating a person who is always dodgy and does not want to come home to meet any of your friends, families or love ones. If she wants to keep the relationship a secret, that should be like the biggest red flag for you to know. A woman who truly loves you would like to introduce you to the important people in her life.

2. She loves and cares for your loved once.

If she is not the kind of person who would like to hear you talk about your brother, your mother, your father, or someone who is very close to you, then this is evidence to know she is in the relationship for herself and not for you. A woman who truly loves you would go to every length to ensure that your family and the things that bother you become things that bother her.

3. She listens to you attentively.

A lot of women are guilty of this, where they like to talk a whole lot more than they listen. But if a woman genuinely loves you, she does pay attention to everything you say, either to make a mental note and try to improve on the relationship or merely just to be able to let you feel and know that she genuinely cares about what keeps you up at night and what you're concerned about. So if you find a woman who pays attention to your needs, you may have just found a right partner.

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