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How To Know If Someone Is Using You

Love is a beautiful thing. It's nice to have a significant other to share your ups and downs with. On the contrary, love is a good servant but a bad master. It's nice when everything seems perfect but you might regret it when things go wrong. The beauty of love is seen in its reciprocation. Well it's quite normal to feel insecure sometimes despite the fact that trust is an integral part of any relationship. Here are ways to know whether your partner is playing with your emotions or not.

1. They're only around when they need something. Such people only remember you exist when they need you. Once you get that favour done for them, they disappear. You're treated like you don't exist. When you need help from them, they either don't do it or extra reluctant when they do it.

2. They don't follow through on promises. They tell you they'll do something for you and deny or give excuses when it's time. Such people are not to he trusted as they're not reliable and constantly fail you.

3. Your loved ones are worried. Usually when you like someone, the lone you have for the person makes you blind. Even when you see the truth, you keep on denying and finding excuses. Most often in such cases, your loved ones who see the truth don't deny it. They say the truth as it is and keep on warming you while telling you the bitter truth.

4. They never say thank you. Thank you is supposed to be a basic etiquette. People usually say it unconsciously. When someone doesn't say it, it means the person doesn't appreciate your effort and feels superior. The person things you're obliged to serve them. It's a clear sign of ingratitude and pride.

5. You begin to dislike them. When you actually start to accept that fact that you're being used, even though you might still deny it, in your heart battling with your emotions, you start hating them for treating you wrongly.

No matter your relationship with someone, being used really hurts. No one should be used because everyone has a worth. Once you realise that you're being used, just walk out of the relationship. Save yourself before it's too late. 

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