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What Should I Do? - My Husband Told Me That He Has Been Sleeping With Men - Lady Cries For Help

Everything can change in a flash in this world that's why we must not be overly pompous when we are having good moments or overly sad when we are having terrible moments.

A woman woke up to a life-changing revelation when her husband confessed his dealings with other men and his attraction to the same gender. According to the story shared by the very brokenhearted woman, her husband divulged he has feelings for other men and has been trying to understand the feeling.

She revealed that her husband is just 31 years old and they've just been married for 2 years. The lady is in a dilemma on what to do in a circumstance like this. Whether to continue the marriage or call for a divorce. 

The question remains; why would a gay man marry someone's daughter to put her in such a difficult situation. 

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