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How To Get A Guy To Admit That He Likes You

Simply thinking about the guy you have a crush on can make your heart pound and your palms sweaty. When you like someone, whether you have known them for a long time or you have only been talking for a couple of days, your first instinct is to wonder how they feel about you. Once your feelings about someone become clear, it is only normal to want to know how the guy you're crushing on feels. There are many ways to accelerate a guy into confessing his feelings for you so that you don't have to wait around guessing. Once you figure out your guy, you can find the right approval

1. Check to make sure he is not committed to someone else. You don't want to step on someone else’s toes by trying to get an already taken guy to confess his feelings for you. Also, you don't want to get your hopes up about a guy who is hung up on someone else they may be pursuing. It won't take too much effort to find out what the situation is. All you need to do is a little digging around among friends, social media, or simply asking him questions. Here are some questions you can ask to find out:

If you have the courage, ask him during one of your regular conversations if he is already seeing someone. Casually ask, "Are you dating anyone?" or "Is there currently someone you're pursuing?". Simply asking won't give away any of your feelings.

If you can't ask him, either because you are too shy or you don't see him often, try asking one of his friends what they might know. Bring him up in a conversation and ask, "Do you know if he is dating someone?".

If you can't ask anyone, check to see if he has his relationship status posted on Facebook or another social media outlet.

2. Find out his position on dating and relationships. If you discover that he is single, then you should try to find out what his feelings are about relationships. This will allow you to see if you two are on the same page about dating. Be subtle and try to get some one on one time together that is just between the two of you. Here are some questions you can ask him to help open up a conversation about dating:

"When was your last relationship?"

"Are you interested in dating?"

"Do you go on dates often?"

3. Keep your time with him light and fun. During your interactions, try to always create pleasant and fun conversations that will allow you to see if he wants to joke around with you. You might even want to gently poke his shoulder during a conversation to see how he reacts. If he laughs and teases you back, that is a good sign. Humor is a good way to open a heart that is leaning towards you because it shows you are interested which makes the guy more comfortable.

When he tells a joke, make sure you laugh. This will boost his confidence and give him the green light to share his feelings with you.

A light touch on his arm or shoulder is a welcoming way to show you're interested.

4. Watch for signs of chemistry you may have together. If you find that you are always laughing with one another and are like-minded, chances are there is a mutual attraction. Constant laughing and smiling are the biggest indicators that there is something between you two. Guys will also use your name as much as they can when they have a crush on you. Here are a couple of other signs that will reveal his true feelings:

If he is constantly fidgeting with his hands or other objects, this is a sign that he is feeling over-stimulated around you and is definitely attracted.

He may scan your appearance and point out tiny details. This is called imprinting and this type of attachment is caused by the increase of dopamine levels.

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