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Sad: After Donating One Of My Kidneys To My Girlfriend This Is What She Did

Her kidneys are damaged and she is on the sick bed, spending thousand of cedis weekly on dialysis, her family have lost hope since they do not have a compactible kidney donor. I have to step in, she is my girlfriend but I have never met her family, this is the right time to win the heart of her family.

The next day, I went to the hospital, the doctors claims my two kidneys are healthier and I'm also compactible with her. The doctor ask me the relationship I have with her, I told him she was my girlfriend. He told me the day I should come and donate.

I didn't hesitate, I didn't even inform my parents about it. I went to the hospital on the planned date and the surgery commenced. The doctor has also communicated with the family of the girl, he told them I'm her boyfriend and I will be donating today.

After a successful surgery, they then prepared to give the kidney to the girl, I had the opportunity to meet the girl's family for the first time. They welcomed me to the family. Her father wasn't happy because I told him I was just 20, and the girl is 18, he didn't tell me direct but I saw it in his eyes.

I was later invited to her house when she was feeling better, I am the shy type but I was very brave to say for the first time in front of her family that she was my girlfriend. She lives in one of the biggest mansions in our community, attends one of the best colleges in the country and I am just a Senior High School graduate.

She was later influenced to stop dating me, although I have done one of the most dangerous things for her, she started ignoring my calls, messages and other attention I used to get from her. She later told me to say, we should break up. I accepted it but it wasn't easy. I passed through trauma for 6 months after recovering, I decided that I will never sacrifice to this extreme for a woman. I never knew she can do this to me.

My advice is never trust anyone completely, they might disappoint you unexpectedly.

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