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Mother of 5 goes through the odd to educate her children

Single parenting is singling handling responsibilities of wards without external support and women mostly fall victim to that either by the death of their spouse or divorce. Most women find it difficult to cater to their children when they don't earn enough from the work they do.

This mostly leads to school dropouts because there isn't money for their education and this may result in teenage pregnancy because they tend to rely on others especially men for their needs.

But one woman by the name of Maame Ama a mother of five has been able to cater to her children through their lives and education and has been able to build a house. She did all this through the selling of water; what we Ghanaians mostly call 'pure water' and through hard work and determination, she has been able to send all her children to school and they have become great people now.

Like every child is happy when their parents provides them with everything but for them,they struggle because they have to share school bags and wear one uniform even if it's still faded,

They being sacked for fees

They struggling to get good grades 

They become psychologically disturbed

  To the extent of Maame Ama selling her cloth and doing domestic chores and selling midnight just to raise money for her children

  Her struggles was never in vain but success

Even though she strived hard to give her children the best of education,

  She was being lifted by her struggles 

  Now they enjoy in worth and riches

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Ghanaians Maame Ama


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