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Reactions As A Lady Shares Her 17 And 27 Year Old Pictures

A lot of people use social media to seek validation, maybe because of insecurity about themselves or inferiority complex. Others do it for the fun of it. Some do certain things on social media for attention, to get more followers and many other reasons.

That is why you see people post pictures and ask different questions regarding the picture. Some post half clad pictures ad expect people to praise them. When they start getting Insults and back lash, they cry foul.

A young lady posted two pictures with a simple caption "17 and 27". Meaning she was 17 years old in one picture and 27 in the other. That means the pictures are 10 years apart. Take a look at the pictures below:

Most of her followers kept hinting on the change, especially her weight gain generally. Some wanted to know what she ate to gain such weight because they need it too. One person even said she looked better at 17. Checkout some comments:

What do you think? What difference can you see?

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