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Check out the African tribe who value pot-belly men more than men with six packs

The Bodi clan is found in southern Ethiopia. They are one of the few tribes in Africa, who still go by traditional way of living. They still trade in the batter way, although this method has been shun for a very long time.

Calling names of members outside are not allowed in the clan, except some of the big people in the clan. individuals getting married in the clan are not permitted to get close with themselves in public.

The women in the club prefer port belly men rather than six packs men. They normally show their selves in their festival known as the Ka el function. They normally celebrate it in the month of June. There are fourteen families in the clan and each family will introduce one unmarried man for the competition. The qualified men will then plan for the competition and during this period, they won' t be seen outside.They will drink blood and cow milk combined together. Any competitor who spews the blood could be excluded.

On the days of the competition, they will cover themselves with cinders and mud and go around trees while the authorities take a close look to know who is the fattest. Any one who is announced champion is will be the fattest among the men and and will be rewarded with a lady to marry.

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