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Men Flog Each Other to Win The Love of a Woman in This Tribe

Culture is the way people live their life. The way a group of people life is unique, in that what may be considered weird by a group is normal to another. No way of living is bad so long as the people who practice that culture are comfortable with it.

Let's throw light on one of the cultural practices of a tribe in Africa on marriage.

Marriage ceremonies are very beautiful in Africa as it is colored with marvelous cultural practices. In the Africa setting and largely the world over, men are those that make the first advancements towards marriage.

There is a special way through which a tribe in Nigeria wow a woman.

This Fulani tribe engage in an activity called "Sharo" . In this practice, two men publicly flog each other to win a woman's heart. The strongest, that's the one who does not cry or flinch wins the heart of the lady.

This tradition is done to test the strength and resilience of the men as nomadic Fulani are renowned for their hard work, discipline and courage.

There is usually a referee that ensures the caning doesn't go overboard.

A winner is declared when one of the contestants begs for the game to be over.

Hope you have been educated.

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