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Why Charm Your Partner?

Marriage is seen to be a beautiful thing by most people especially in Africa. Everybody wants to get to that stage of their life where they can also get married. To many, marrying is nothing but a dream come true. Sometimes when I look at people’s eagerness to marry and I see some happenings in marital homes, I get discouraged.

One particular thing that happens in some marital homes is the use of “juju” or charm on spouses for various mostly silly reasons. This is something that has also found its way into the relationship or marriage system in some communities. 

Testimonies of people on social media sometimes reveal the kind of voodoo activities people engage in just to either keep their partners to themselves all in the name of preventing them from cheating, or doing it to be able to control their partners. That is, getting their partners to do whatever they want at any point in time. 

Other times it is to make their partners love them especially when the love is not not there. Why the need to use voodoo to make someone to love you? That alone shows that the love is not real but a forced one. The happiness of being loved genuinely feels totally different from forcing someone to love you through other means.

A man or a woman will do anything for their partner if they love them. Why not go for someone who loves you instead of going in for someone who does not and you end up going into this act to change the person’s feelings towards you or even get the person to do what you want him to do.

Anytime you mention the use of voodoo to charm a partner, people will sometimes think it is only women who go in for that but sometimes men also  do. But mostly it is women who are associated with this act most especially. A woman can cook food and put all manner of things given to her by a spiritualist to put into her husband's food for whatever thing she desires.

On several occasions I came across stories on a social media platform where people come to share their experiences anonymously and more than three times I read stories of women who put their menstrual blood in food for men to get them to do whatever they want for them. Initially I found it difficult to believe so I raised the topic with some friends and along our discussions, I got to realize that some of them are aware of this act and they believe it works and some even went ahead to tell stories of people who they know have engaged in such an act. This is just one of the surprising things people do to keep their partners to themselves.

Some even do worse things aside from putting stuff in food, some bury things in their houses and some also use the clothes or any belonging of their partners for several things according to directions given to them by spiritualists to be able to charm their partners. It always starts with activities one sees as nothing and with time one may have to upgrade the kind of activities they carry out to be able to keep some of these charms working. Why at all must a person do this to another they call their partner.

Sometimes people are advised by their friends to go into such activities. It is therefore very important to be aware of the kind of people we share our problems with because not everyone can help us solve such issues the right way.

Moreover when choosing a partner, be careful of who you choose. Do not overlook red flags when you see them because an action of a partner can bring the rest of your life to a misfortune be it physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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