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Ghanaian Wedding Couple Cause Commotion Online As They Cruise In Aboboyaa: [Video]

As we all know, during weddings, the couples are seated in cars and also being followed by a fleet of cars which would be nicely decorated and they keep blowing their horns till they get to their destinations. As such a day, onlookers tend to come out to witness what is happening at the sound of the continuous blowing of car horns.

There have been instances where the wedding couple sit in carriages or even at the back of horses. This makes wedding even more attractive as they are being taken to other levels.

A Ghanaian couple have caused massive commotion on social media as a video of them seated comfortably and happily in an aboboyaa during their wedding day surfaces online.

These couple are believed to be from the Central region of Ghana. They have set a huge record as they use aboboyaa for their wedding. They were followed by other aboboyaa drivers who kept blowing their horns to tell everyone what was going on.

Immediately they got to where the wedding is supposed to take place, the driver stopped as the groom got down and helped his bride get down by carrying her down the aboboyaa.

As they walked, they were smiling throughout especially the bride. She felt happy and kept smiling. There were guests also seated and patiently waiting for the couple.

Since the video hit social media platforms, it has gone viral. Many people have also shown their reactions. Almost all the comments showed how people were glad to see that the couple were in love and happy and that was what matters.

Check out some of the comments below;

The link that you can click on to watch the video is here;

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