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Divorce Affair

Meet The Powerful President Who Married His Beautiful Class Teacher Who is 25 Years Older Than Him

Love is so beautiful when you are with the right person and in the name of love we've seen people do the strangest of things, and those who were never in love may never understand the power of love.

This is the story of one of the most powerful leader in the world Emmanuel Macron who is the president of France. His love affair with his partner illustrates the power of love and how it can overcome all obstacles.

The powerful president fell in love with Brigitte Auziere who happens to be his teacher by then. He was only fifteen years old when he fell in love with his teacher, and the woman was 40 years old as at that time.

She married Macron a year later after Brigitte and her husband had divorced. At that time, Brigitte's first daughter was even an age mate of Macron and was in the same class with the president. She was a literature teacher for Macron in secondary school, and he was one of her favourite student as well.

The two showed the world that age does not matter when it comes to pure love, Brigitte even abandoned her job as a teacher and backed her husband's political ambition and to God be the glory he became the president of one of the most powerful country in the world.

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