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Do not wear white gown on your wedding day if you are not a virgin-A marriage counselor warns

Mrs Esther Osei Issah who is 72 years old from Kejebi in the Volta region and is a marriage counsellor has given an advice to the youth that, if they are not virgins, they should not to wear white wedding gowns when getting married. According to her, she got married after completing Accra Girls Secondary School but it didn't work out for her, so she left her children with their father and travelled to England to work with an airline service in 1978.

The husband was older than her and he mistreated her which made her divorce him, left her children behind and travelled abroad. She spent 10 years before seeing her children again which affected her life. She said staying in this country is very comfortable because a lot of people are suffering abroad. She gave an advice to parents to let christianity to have a good impact on their children and also mothers should never leave their children whenever there is a divorce.

Mama Esther also said christian's do not need a lavish wedding and also white wedding gowns are meant for virgins. If you are not a virgin and you put on white gown when getting married, it will bring curses and problems in your marriage. Parents too should show love to their children whilst training, by doing this it will help your child to be closer to you. She also said women should always gives the necessary respect to their husbands and also help them. The woman again said that she doesn't support LGBTQ+ and also advised the youth to refrain it because it brings a lot of diseases and sickness.

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