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Reasons A Woman Might Reject Your Proposal

Would you like to skip this article and go straight to discovering what strategies will transform you into an unstoppable seducer. Putting yourself to the test is one of the reasons why girls can reject you the first time, do not worry when they do it the first time, without becoming a stalker you can go giving way to her to give way. Sometimes the second he shows signs of interest.

The experience of being rejected is something that we have all gone through at some time. We know how painful, embarrassing and sad it can be to have failed to open our hearts to a person who attracts us. It's me? Was it something I did? May I still have a chance with her?

Women sometimes don't want to say yes right away because they think they will consider it easy, but if you insist a little they accept because they already like them from the beginning, persevere and be interested. Now if she doesn't show interest in you. That it seems that he does not want anything.

Suddenly at that moment in his life he is really not interested in having anything with you, he waits later but not right now. Well, you can wait and feign indifference. Be an Alpha male, don't show yourself as the rejected one the beautiful girl said no to. Drink her rejection with soda and enjoy it, this will even seem curious to her, because all women actually expect a man to lament.

You can fully enjoy the situation and continue with your life as if nothing else, it is just a strategy, there are more solid steps to move forward

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