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Why would a lover cheat? – Kingsley shares

There is one trending topic about relationship and marriage and I wonder when it would become a thing of the past. Perhaps, it would be with us forever. Cheating, what can compel a lover to do this? What would make you cheat? Responses could be “nothing, I don’t know, I’m not sure I can do that, me? Hell no!…” Well, not far from right, about 90% of lovers don’t intend to cheat, but circumstances make them resort to that.

The two leading gender stereotypes we have are men love sex and women love money. Where one of these desires is lacked in a relationship or marriage, the affected resort to cheating. This is what many assume to be the cause of cheating. But I would like us to look at something different.

Most lovers are like politicians. They work well with well-communicated ideas and strategies to win votes. The people believe them and give them their consent, then once they (politicians) taste power, they seem indifferent about the very campaign messages that brought them to the state they are. We feel so relaxed when we are accepted at last by our lovers.

We tend not to do those very things that communicated love to them from the very beginning that made them love us. The saddening part is every lover is very sensitive to the things the partner does. Immediately you stop caring he/she feels that break, and when a third party starts caring, he/she notices it too.

The only thing that made your lover accept you was that there was an emptiness inside of him/her and you proved that you can fill it. Once you stop filling that well of loneliness, anxiety and lovelessness inside of him/her, the hollow becomes vacant and another occupant may take over when the defences of your partner fail.

I’m not glorifying cheating, I’m not defending it. I hate it just like you hate the devil, but most often we push our partners to the wall. We starve them of love and caring. They wander and eventually fall prey to hookers.

Because of the sex and money gender stereotypes perception, people tend to give money-money-money and sex-sex-sex with the motive of giving the other enough so that the lover wouldn’t go elsewhere. Sadly, it’s not all about sex and money.

Written by: S.A.Kingsley.

Content created and supplied by: GeneralConceptMedia (via Opera News )



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