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3 Ways To Tell When A Girl Likes You But Trying To Hide It.

As a man, it can be difficult to tell if a girl likes you, especially when she is trying to hide it. This is because women hardly let their feelings out. Due to, they are afraid of being hurt or rejected. But when a lady likes you, there is some certain behavior she put on which you can be able to know she has feelings for you. No matter how they hide try to hide their feelings, through her body language, you can still be able to know. Here are some signs a girl likes you and might be trying to hide it.

1. She always apologizes.

Not everyone finds it easy to say the word I am sorry. But when a lady is deeply in love with you or has genuine feelings for you. She won't hesitate to say the word I am sorry. Even when she is not the wrong one. This is because she likes you and also wants the relationship to work. It takes only a lady who truly has feelings for you to apologize, even when she is not the wrong one. Such a lady genuinely has feelings for you and are rare to find.

2. She is always there to assist you.

As a man, it is very important to understand that it takes only a woman who has genuine feelings to assist you. This is because a woman who doesn't like you will not waste her time caring for a man who she doesn't like or love. Only a woman who likes you will care for you, a woman who loves you will always want to be there for you, not just that, but she will also want to assist you. She will always want to be there during the difficult period. A lady who truly has feelings for you will always want to be there for you during your difficulties and the best time of your life.

3. She pays attention when you speak.

It takes only a woman who truly loves you to pay attention when you speak. But when a woman has genuine feelings for you, she wants to learn and know about what makes you angry and happy. And she wouldn't want to do anything to upset you. And in order to achieve her aim, she pays attention when you speak. This is because she truly loves you. A woman who doesn't have any feelings for a man will not listen to him. So when your partner pays attention to you, this means she truly loves you. 

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