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If You Are Doing These 5 Things, Stop Them Because They Turn Your Woman Off(Read More)

In life, they are some things in life you need to take note of mostly when you are a married man, you need to know the things your wife or girlfriend can do and what she can't do. 

Today I will be telling you 5 things you do that turn her off, and I will advice you to stop at once, if you really doing them. 

1. Lack of proper Hygiene:

They is a word before normally say which is "Cleanliness is next to Godliness", you have to try to take care of your self women don't like their men to be dirty.

2. Wrong Dress Code:

You know women don't like a man who don't know how to dress your wife or girlfriend will like to show you to her friends. So you really need to know how to dress very well. 

3. Poor Bedroom performance:

You need to be very strong on bed so she won't look outside Eg at work or on your gateman for her yo be satisfy on bed. 

4. Shouting at your wife or girlfriend:

Its really bad as a young man to shout at her, now put yourself in her shoe I know you won't be feel happy if someone should also shout at you how will you feel? I know you might end up fighting him or her, so if you do you really have to stop such act. 

5. Being Too Emotional:

If you are an type of person who goes Emotional always try to hide it, because she will think you weak or not ready to have a wife. 

Am sure this post is helpful to you and you must have learnt alot from this post today, make sure you do all this I listen if you have any of those problem because your women will not be able to talk to you about it. 

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