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(+VIDEO) Young Lady Cries Uncontrollably After She Was Dumped By Boyfriend | Watch

It's unfortunate the period in which the youth are supposed to be enjoying life and making the best use of it, experience broken heart.

Most youth are currently engaging in relationships mainly to satisfy their sexual pleasure and turning a deaf ear to the consequences which might arise due to their act which is undoubted.

As such, they mostly end up regretting later when the relationship doesn't work out as they wanted or presumed, and unconsciously or certainly engage in various acts to release their pain.

A video spotted surfacing the internet captured the heartfelt moment a very young lady crying fervently after he was ignored by his boyfriend.

In the video, it was vivid the lady(identity yet to be known) was very young and perhaps not yet in her 20's. She was seen broken hearted and couldn't hold her cry any longer and decided to release it.

The lady was seen initially trying to call her boyfriend but wasn't going through or perhaps blocked which made her burst into crying uncontrollably.


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