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Tribe that offer free sex to their guests


The hamibia tribe who are known as the Ovahimba or the Omhimba are located in the north-western part of Namibian in Africa.They have an estimated population of about 50,000 people.

They are well noted for their various indigenous cultures:

Offering of sex to their guests.It is part of their culture to offer free sex to their guests as a welcome gift.Their tribesmen offer their wives to their guests.

Also the woman are not allowed to bath.Only men are allowed to bath because of their lack of portable water due to their hash weather conditions.The woman only take daily smoke bath and smare pomades made of Otijize,paste of butter and more to maintain thier hygiene,yet still they smell good.

They are also well noted for their red matted braids made from ash, animal fat and grounded ochre which are painfully plaited on their females head.

They also hung cone shells on strands of ostrich shell beads to show if a female is married and is fertile.

They are close to countries like South Africa and Botswana.

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